Sunday, November 23, 2014


TV-PG 2012-
9 out of 10

Wolfblood is a  fantasy/supernatural British television series aimed at teens. Wolfblood was created after series creator Debbie Moon saw the words 'wolf' and 'blood' in a book shop, and blended the two words together in her head. The series was commissioned after the BBC Writersroom website announced an open call for children's drama scripts. Wolfblood premiered on CBBC on  September 10, 2012 and premiered on Disney Channel in the United States on October 1, 2013. The second series was broadcast on CBBC in September and October 2013 with series 3 ended on October 27, 2014. Each series consists of thirteen 30 minute episodes.

A very interesting re-imagining of werewolves and how they live among us. Well acted, well written show, very teen and adult appropriate. If you ever thought the idea of a werewolf was interesting, a must see.

The start of the series sees Maddy Smith as she comes closer to her first transformation. She lives with her family in Stoneybridge, Northumbria. The Smiths are said to be one of the oldest families in Stoneybridge, having lived in the same cottage for centuries. When new boy Rhydian arrives at the local school (Bradlington High), Maddy recognizes him as a wolfblood almost immediately. Rhydian (who lives with his foster family, the Vaughans) had been raised unhappily in orphanages and foster homes, and had only recently started to change into a wolf. However, he was unaware of wolfbloods before his move to Stoneybridge.

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