Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wild Wild West

9 out of 10

The Wild Wild West is a 1999 American steampunk western action-comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. It is a big-screen adaptation of the 1965-1969 TV series, The Wild Wild West. I stars Will Smith, Kevin Kline (dual roles: protagonist Artemus Gordon and President Ulysses S. Grant), Kenneth Branagh, and Selma Hayek.

Like the series, the film features a large amount of gadgetry serving as a parody as the gadgetry is more highly advanced with implausible steampunk technology and bizarre mechanical inventions like flying machines, steam tanks and a giant mechanical spider. Wild Wild West was a commercial disappointment since it cost $170 million and earned a mere $222.1 million.

I like this movie. Fun, bizarre with a bit of imagination required.

Two Secrete Service agents, equipped with a wide variety of gizmos and gadgets work for the government in the Old West.

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